LSG develops creative solutions to laser marking or engraving problems.  Using fiber laser technology we can quickly and permanently mark or engrave serial numbers, part numbers, bar codes, and company logos on a large variety of materials including raw metal parts and industrial polymers.

LSG Offers:

Low to medium volume laser marking capacity

Process Development support for new product development

Cost reduction solutions for products currently in production


LSG Can:

Permanently Mark or etch smooth or uneven surfaces

Permanently mark aluminum, silicon, titanium, steel, gold, copper, etc.

We can use many types of fonts in various sizes.

File types supported for images are PLT, BMP, DXF, JPG, TIF, AI, PNG, JPG, etc.

The images below show examples of our process capabilities.


An image etched in a 2 centimeter square of 5 mm thick Quartz with a layer of polished aluminum.


Laser marked identification on the aluminum hub of a dicing blade.


Laser marked characters on the surface of a polished silicon wafer.


Laser marked characters on an anodized aluminum card.