We provide a number of services that complement our laser processes. These processes are managed by APD's Laser Services Group to allow delivery of a turnkey product  to our clients.

Photoresist Application In order to prevent contamination or damage during the laser ablation process a 3-5μm thick photoresist layer is applied to the wafer surface in a clean room environment.

Laser Etch Each new wafer is marked with the host wafers' ID and location reference information.

Edge Beveling This is a mechanical grinding process which shapes the edges of the newly created wafers and renders the wafer robust for further handling while enhancing its resistance to mechanical stress.

Photoresist Strip The photoresist layer is removed in a clean room environment, stripping away any debris or contamination in contact with the resist layer.

Cleaning As a precleaning step the wafers are sent through a standard spin, rinse and dry process. The primary cleaning process is the industry standard SC-1 and SC-2. All of the cleaning and eventual packaging is performed in a class 100 clean room.